Dealing with client fee pressures

Clients expect excellent value and many are suspicious of the bill-by-the-hour approach traditionally used to price professional services. A different approach can deliver value for clients and profitability for your firm.


This session covers:


• Four different types of professional service and why they need to be priced differently


• Reasons to avoid time-based billing, and the conversations you need to have about alternative pricing


• Using a sequence of questions to help clients recognise the true value of your services


• Why under-charging is as bad as over-charging and what to do if you under- or over-assess fees


• Fixed fee agreements and how to use them


• Using guarantees as a positive selling point and to build trust


• How fixed-price, low risk products can be used to win new clients


• Pre-empting and dealing with objections about fees.


Dealing with client fee pressures

Dealing with client fee pressures