Developing professional presence

Some professionals, though not the best in their field, have a magnetism that draws people in and gets their attention. Conversely, some real experts fail to get people to take their ideas seriously. What really is ‘professional presence’ and how can you develop and use it?


This session covers:


• An assessment of the impact you make and how to transform this through a few simple changes


• Projecting confidence when under pressure by creating (not faking) confidence


• Making a positive impression in meetings – choosing your moments and getting attention


• How to use body language – posture, gestures and eye contact – to project authority and engage


• How your voice – pace, pauses, volume and intonation – can be used to make a powerful impression


• The elements that build (or damage) the trust on which professional relationships depend


• Constructing your message for maximum impact


• How to say ‘I don’t know’ in a way that will enhance rather than diminish your credibility.