Becoming a great (not just average) presenter

Some presenters are poor, some are great, but most are just plain mediocre. Being excellent at presenting has enormous benefits for professionals and it is a skill that just about anyone can master (and more easily than they may realise).


This session covers:


• How to prepare quickly (in a fraction of the time that most people spend)


• How to present without relying on a script or wordy PowerPoints


• Powerful openings and endings


• How to structure your presentation – what to put in and what to leave out


• Channelling natural nervousness and turning it into positive enthusiasm


• How to craft and tell stories that will resonate with your audience


• Engaging your audience through your eye contact, gestures  and voice


• Getting maximum business development benefit from seminars and conferences.


 Becoming a great (not just average) presenter

 Becoming a great (not just average) presenter