Another way to learn

On-line and mobile learning have enormous potential benefits in delivering high quality learning at low cost. Sadly, e-learning, in its current format, has generally disappointed. It often consists of little more than dull slideshows or uninspiring webinars.

Firm Academy is different. It has been developed especially for professional service firms to provide a convenient, sophisticated and inexpensive route to on-line and mobile learning.

Covering the main business skills needed by partners, professionals and business services staff, Firm Academy brings together specially selected videos and other resources from the world's leading experts and makes them accessible in short and engaging segments.


You can edit our content and supplement it with your own. It is flexible so that each of your users has access to the content most suited to their needs.

It can even be branded for your firm to create your own tailored virtual academy.


By bringing together curated content, performance support guides and social learning it provides an excellent blended solution alongside live training. It is 'another way to learn'.

To discuss how Firm Academy can be tailored to your firm or for a free demonstration...